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Business customers

You have the option to register on http://business.edudip.com/preise and book your own platform. For questions please contact our customer service by e-mail to sales@edudip.com or by phone +49 241 4004768-8.

You can create a webinar by clicking on “create seminar” in the upper menu. Now the event manager opens and you can fill in the settings of your webinar.

If there are no applications for your webinar, you can delete it by clicking on the button “delete” on the left side at the bottom of your event manager.

Please note that webinars can only be deleted if there are no applications for it. Past seminars can only be deleted if this is a webinar for free or there were no applications. This is not possible for paid seminars because an invoice is created which refers to the webinar. If you do not want to show these webinars on your academy, you can set it as “private” in its settings.

To get to your administrator area, you have to be logged in. Click on your name in the upper menu and a dropdown menu will open. Then click on “Administrator” and you will come to the settings of your platform.

Go to “design” under the menu item “configuration” in your administrator area. There you can set the colour of your platform by clicking on the colour field and move the white framed circle to the desired colour. Move the arrows next to the colour bar in the middle to select another hue. Another option is to fill in the colour value in the input box on the right side.

To upload a logo, choose the menu item “design” under “configuration”. Click on the button “select image” to upload your logo. The optimum size for the image is 3840 x 2000 pixels. However, for most displays it is sufficient to use an image with a resolution of 1920 x 1000 pixels.

To upload a logo, choose the menu item “design” under “configuration”. Click on the button “select image” to upload your logo. Best choose a picture with the size of 180 x 60 pixels in order to present it in the right way.

You can fill in your terms and conditions when you choose the menu item “page content” under “configuration”. Select “terms and conditions” in the list and fill in the text for it in the description field. To finish the process, click on the button “save”.

Click on “user” in the upper menu and then on “create” in the menu on the left side. Fill in the email address and as the case may be the salutation, first and last name in the text field(s) and then click on “Next”. Your user is now added successfully.

If you want to delete a user, go to the menu item “manage” under “user”. Choose the option “user search” to search a user. Another option is to look at the list of users that is shown under the text field. When you click on the red cross, the user is deleted.

When you set your platform as private, a registration is not possible at your platform because only you as an administrator can create users.

You can set in your configuration under “platform” that your “type of platform” is “private”.

To create a new category, you have to go to the menu item “categories” under “configuration”. If you want to create a new category, fill in the name of it in the description field and then click on “create”. Your new category now appears in the list under the description field.

To create a new subcategory, you first have to click on the main-category in which the new subcategory will be created. In the next step, existing subcategories are shown. In the upper description field, you can fill in the title of your new subcategory. Click on “create” to finish the process.

You can change a category’s name by clicking on the pencil icon next to the category’s name. Now a description field appears in which you can fill in the new name. Click on “save” in order to take over the changes.

If you want to change the order of your categories, click on the desired category and move it to the place you want to set it. Keep your mouse button pushed while moving it to the desired place.

You can delete categories by clicking on the dustbin icon on the left side of the name. Please note that categories can only be deleted if there are no webinars in it or in its subcategories.

If you want to delete a moderator, which means you take away his right to hold webinars, click on the red cross on the right side of the moderator’s name under “User” → “Manage” → “Moderators”.

When you are under the menu item “User” → “Manage” and choose the option “Administrators”, you can fill in the name or the email address of your desired administrator in the text field.

If you want to take away the right to be an administrator from a user, click on the red cross next to the person’s name when you are on the overview page of your administrators.

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If you want to cancel your Biz package, choose in the menu “Settings” and then click on the last item “membership”. Under your package you will find the link through which you can cancel your package.

If you click this button, your platform will be presented in edudip’s corporate design, which means that it will be shown in the green like the edudip platform.

To appoint a moderator, you need additional positions for moderators. Under the menu item “User” you can book additional positions on the left side.
If you have enough positions, you can fill in the name or the email address of the desired person in the text field under “User” → “Manage”.

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