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First steps on your business platform

system_checkBefore you hold a seminar, you should necessarily make the system check to test if your bandwidth, your Flash-Player and your sound are sufficient. Moreover we advise you to become familiar with the virtual classroom. If you want to try this, you can create a test webinar which you set as “private”. Only you and persons who got a link from you can see the webinar.


If you want to offer webinars, you should create categories in which you can sort the online seminars afterwards. Like this, you and other users of the platform have a better overview of your offer. To create a category, go to the menu item “configuration” and then to “categories”. To create a main category, fill in the name of your desired category in the text field on the page which is now shown to you. Click on “create” and the category will appear in the overview. If you want to create a subcategory to this main category, click on the main category and in the next step you can enter the title of your subcategory in the text field. Click again on the button “create” to finish the process.


To change the name of a category afterwards, click on the pencil icon on the left side of the name. Change the name in the presented text field and click on “save”. When you click on the dustbin icon you can delete created categories. Besides, you can set the order of the categories by clicking on a main category, hold it while moving and pull it to the desired place.

Please fill in your legal notice by selecting the field “legal notice” under the menu item “page content“ . Now you can enter your imprint. You can also set your terms and conditions and privacy policies in the same menu. Choose the corresponding field and fill in your text. After that, click on the button “save” on the right side under the textbox.


Under the menu item “design” you can style your platform individually. You can select the colour of your platform when you click in the colour field. Move the white framed circle on the desired hue or fill in the colour value and then click on “save”. Under the tab “logo” you can choose your logo which will be presented on the left side in the upper menu of your platform. It is also possible to set a start-up screen which will be seen on the home page. Please note that you have to upload pictures with the right size so that it is presented in the right way.


configuratingWhen you have logged in on your own platform, you can set some important settings in your administration under “configuration“. Set a name for your platform, decide whether you want to have an own marketplace or not, and if webinars can be evaluated. You can also select if your platform is public or private which means that users can register or only you can create new users. When you have set your settings as desired, click on the button “save” on the right side at the bottom of the page.


You have the possibility to upload documents like e.g. presentations. These can be Microsoft Office documents, Open Office documents, PDF files, as well as images and graphics. You can upload your files during the creation of a webinar when you click on the button “presentation” in the editing menu of your webinar. Choose the button “browse” to select a file on your PC. Files that are marked as “active” can be called up in the corresponding webinar. Additionally, you can set that your documents are downloadable. Like this, your participants have access to those files and can prepare and work over the webinar. Also after the creation of a webinar you can upload files: Click on “edit” on your webinar page so that you enter the editing menu of your webinar.


You enter the virtual classroom by using the button “enter” on the event page of your webinar. When you open the virtual classroom, the Adobe Flash Player needs your allowance to access your microphone and camera. You have to allow this access so that you can be seen and heard during the webinar. We suggest you to be in the virtual classroom a few minutes earlier in order to have time to prepare it.


As long as the webinar has not started, the participants stay in the lobby and can only see the chat. You are not yet visible, so you can use the time to open your presentation by clicking on the file icon in the upper right corner, welcome your participants in the chat or check your settings if the camera and the sound are transferred. The webinar starts automatically when the set time is reached. By using the button “play”, you can start your webinar manually. You can find an overview of all the functions in the virtual classroom here: http://www.edudip.com/funktionen

providing_recordsYou have the possibility to record your webinars and offer them to your participants or other interested people. Call up your “advanced information” in the editing menu of your webinar. There you can choose under “recording” if you want to record your webinar and for which price you want to sell it. But for participants of a webinar the recording is always free.

After the webinar, you can decide whether you want to unlock the recording or not. Click on the button “watch video” on your webinar page. After that a new window with the video opens. Here you can change its name, delete it, request it as a download and publish it with the button “Activate now”.

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