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First steps for online trainers

Your Academy is your personal page which you can use to introduce yourself. Give other users an overview of your past and planned webinars, your ratings, your field of activity and your learning content. Design your academy individually to attract the participants’ attention.

Academy layout
To design your Academy, just click on your Academy page in the right upper corner “Edit design settings”.

style_academy_002_gr-20150412You can specifiy a title for your Academy by typing some text in the field “Academy Title”. After saving, the name appears left-aligned at the top of your Academy.

Hint: You can keep this field empty and save some text for your Academy title in your background image. Then you can even design the text, e.g. with your favourite font.

style_academy_003_gr-20150412Under the umbrella term “Structure” you can edit the colors of the single page panels. You can change the background color of the whole page and the Academy. Additionally, you can set the color of the boxes in the Academy as well as the frames.

To change the color of an item, click on the color field. A window will appear and the current color will be shown in a white framed circle.

You can move the circle with your mouse to select the desired color. Next to the color field is a color bar with arrows at the right and the left side. If you move there arrow controllers, you can choose a color gamut (e.g. blue tones). Within the color area you select the color with the circle. Of course, you can also enter the color value (RGB, HSB or as hexadecimal code).style_academy_004_gr-20150412

And the umbrella term “Text”, you can set the colors for different text items. You can select different colors for headlines, links and the text within the boxes. How you select the colors is like in the fourth point.

Additionally to the color settings, you can also save a background image for your academy. Simply click “select file” and select an image you have saved on your computer. The image should be 990 px wide to fill the complete background of your academy. Smaller images will appear centered at the top of your academy. Bigger images will be cut.

Please mind that trainers also have to fill in their legal notice.

Additional materialYou have the possibility to upload documents like e.g. presentations. You can upload your files during the creation of a webinar when you click on the button “presentation” in the editing menu of your webinar. Choose the button “browse” to select a file on your PC. Files that are marked as “active” can be called up in the corresponding webinar. Additionally, you can set that your documents are downloadable. Like this, your participants have access to those files and can prepare and work over the webinar. Also after the creation of a webinar you can upload files: Click on “edit” on your webinar page so that you enter the editing menu of your webinar.

Currently supported formats are Microsoft Office documents (PowerPoint, Excel, Word), OpenOffice Document (Impress, Calc, Draw, Writer), Adobe PDF, images and graphics. Animated PowerPoint files up to Microsoft Office 2007 are supported with the Pro package (contract concluded until 19th Feb 2015). To use this function, activate the checkbox “Convert animations”.

If you no longer intend to use an uploaded file, it can be easily removed by pressing the ‘Delete’ cross at the end of the relevant line.

You enter the virtual classroom via the button “Enter” on the event page of your webinars. When opening the virtual classroom the Adobe Flash Player asks for your permission to access your microphone and your camera. Allow this access, so you can be heard and seen in the webinar. It’s best to be a little early and enter the room a few minutes before the start of the webinar to take all necessary precautions. As long as the webinar has not started, your participants are located in the lobby and can only see the chat. However, you are not visible yet. These minutes you should use to open your presentation through the folder icon in the upper right corner, to welcome the participants in the chat and to check your settings to see whether your sound and your camera image are broadcasted.Holding a webinar


The webinar will start automatically when the set start time is reached. You can also press the “Play” button at the top right to start your online seminar manually. If no participant has entered the room at the start of the event, we recommend that you wait at least 10 minutes before stopping and leaving the webinar. Because of time or technical reasons it is possible that a participant is late.

An overview of all functions of the virtual classroom can be found here.

As a Plus or Pro member  you can record your live online seminars. To do this, open the event manager of your webinar. There you can select under “recording” whether you want to record your event and set a price for your videos, if desired.

RecordingAfter the webinar ends the button “Watch the video” will appear on the event page, which leads you to the associated video in the media box . No recording is published by you, the trainer, at this point so that the button is displayed only for you. In the media box you see a list of all created recordings on the right side. Take advantage of more features here and add a title or delete videos. To download a video, click the green arrow. If this arrow is not shown yet, click the gray arrow, whereupon an MP4 file is created. The conversion can take up to 48 hours and automatically adds a timeline to the video. After the conversion, you can find this function in the downloaded recording and in the media box . Once the video is available for download , you will be informed by e -mail. In the mediabox you can also select individual recordings to be publicly accessible. Only when you do this , the video can be seen by participants and other users.

Note: However, you only want your participants to watch the recording, but the video should not appear on the Video marketplace? After the event, set the publication of the webinar as “private” and only your participants have access to the video.

On each event page with an associated video the button “Watch the video” can be found after the publishing, which leads into the mediabox. Webinars are also marked with a video symbol in your academy to show users that a recording of the event exists.

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