Creating categories

If you want to offer webinars, you should create categories in which you can sort the online seminars afterwards. Like this, you and other users of the platform have a better overview of your offer. To create a category, go to the menu item “configuration” and then to “categories”. To create a main category, fill in the name of your desired category in the text field on the page which is now shown to you. Click on “create” and the category will appear in the overview. If you want to create a subcategory to this main category, click on the main category and in the next step you can enter the title of your subcategory in the text field. Click again on the button “create” to finish the process.


To change the name of a category afterwards, click on the pencil icon on the left side of the name. Change the name in the presented text field and click on “save”. When you click on the dustbin icon you can delete created categories. Besides, you can set the order of the categories by clicking on a main category, hold it while moving and pull it to the desired place.

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