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blog-bild-englischIris Klante is a teacher, certified nutrition consultant and slimming trainer and has also been active as an online trainer on edudip for quite some time now. Miss Klante caught our attention not only because of her interesting webinar topics, but above all because of her exemplary approach in the creation and design of her webinars. She started a year ago with free webinars and since then succeeded to build a solid fan base and master the jump to paid webinars. In today’s blog entry Iris Klante tells us everything about her journey to become a successful online trainer and how it all began.

edudip: Please tell us a bit about yourself and your professional background.
Iris Klante: My name is Iris Klante, I am 58 years old (of course only on paper, in my head I am much younger), married and mother of two adult children.

Originally, I am a teacher for physics and mathematics. I also worked in other jobs and worked independently in sales for a while. From all this, I was able to draw a lot of knowledge and experiences for my life. Because of my family situation with our seriously handicapped son, many years ago I learned to appreciate the value of “being healthy”.

About 25 years ago, I began to devote myself to vitamins and health. With every book I read and every training I attended, my interest in the subject of nutrition grew. So it was logical that I had myself trained as a “nutrition consultant” and the “mental slimming trainer” a few years ago. Since then, I regularly take courses in self-study on topics such as relaxation, nutrition for children and adolescents or various intolerances.

In 2011, my husband and I made a cut in our life to start something new. We moved to our favorite island Rügen with our son and I took a job as a teacher in a school for mentally handicapped children.

edudip: How did you get to offer webinars on edudip?
Iris Klante: Before our move to the island, I gave many lectures on nutrition topics in kindergartens, schools, clubs, etc. The lectures were usually in the afternoon or in the evening, which always meant that I had to be on the road and could not be with my family.

I was looking for a way to work from home, to build up something for myself, to be able to leave my profession and to work freely in the foreseeable future.

Through the activity of my husband I came in contact with webinars and at the end of 2014 with edudip. In January 2015, I took part in a webinar by Pierre Franckh and from then on, it was clear to me that edudip is my platform to pass on my knowledge.

The great thing about webinars is that I can access a much larger target group than with my previous traditional seminars.

It is terrific if you hold a webinar and have participants from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Spain and Singapore. A praise to today’s technique.


edudip: How did you prepare for your first webinars?
Iris Klante: Very thorough (as teachers always do ;-)). I first made a plan. I wanted to offer my first webinar in the summer 2015, so I had to think about what to do. I worked with the webinar success coach, visited webinars myself and read a lot, e.g. How do I create an interesting webinar? How do I find a title that appeals to potential participants? How do I create a good Powerpoint presentation? How do I work with the edudip platform? The webinar by Martin Glanert “Successful webinars with edudip” helped me a lot.

I researched what topics are offered and searched for to find a gap to establish myself. I had enough ideas in my mind. But there is always the question if this is also interesting for other people.

After I found my first topic and worked out the webinar, I practiced, practiced, practiced. I recorded the webinar and looked at it. I am probably a bit of a perfectionist and often change something in my webinars.

After the excitement and tension of the first webinars has toned down a little bit it is now great fun to hold webinars.


edudip: What strategy did you follow and how do you promote your webinars?
Iris Klante: For my first webinar, I invited acquaintances and friends to practice on a familiar and secure environment and to get a feeling for the virtual classroom and the technology.

To promote my webinars I of course use the edudip marketplace. I was totally excited when one of my webinars first appeared as a “featured event” at edudip. Otherwise I use social networks such Facebook, Twitter etc. to make my webinars known and apply.

On Facebook, I have set up an extra page on which I give tips on relaxation and nutrition. With every webinar the degree of recognition increases. You gain new participants, which then follow you on Facebook.

At the beginning, I offered exclusively free webinars to become known and to get positive feedback. In the meantime, I have come to offer paid webinars, a challenge I am working on at the moment and progressing step by step. A website will soon be available. I am still at the very beginning of all that I have planned.

edudip: Do you have a tip for trainers or the ones who want to become one?
Iris Klante: My first tip is a good preparation for the webinar. In order to optimally design your webinar, you should first consider whether you are someone who can easily and freely talk and entertain your participants, or rather someone who needs tools such as slides and e.g. a PowerPoint presentation.

Then the webinar success coach is very important. I’ve worked through it last year and I’m still using it to check and read things about the individual topics. Make a plan and purposefully follow it.

Another tip from me is that you should take a look at the successful trainers to learn from them. I always look at how successful trainers such as Mimi Schmitz or Judith Torma prepare and design their webinars to learn from them and improve my webinars.

To new trainers, the only thing I can say is: Get into the adventure of holding webinars, it will be worth it. Have the courage to start, even though you might stumble from time to time just get up again. All this is part of the journey that ultimately leads to success.

I would like to thank the edudip team for giving me the chance to express my thoughts here!

irisWe thank Frau Klante for her time and frank words and wish her lots of success with her webinars! You can find her academy page here: Iris Klante

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  1. Hallo Frau Iris Klante,
    und alle die ds lesen,

    wie sehr würde ich mich über Unterstützung bei ediudip freuen.
    gerne würde ich für Unterstützung auch bezahlen.
    Mein Wissen über alte Hausmittel hebe ich schon so lange auf,
    nun wäre es an der Zeit
    es mal unter die leute zu bringen.

    Freue mich über jeden Kommentar
    meine mail adresse;

    Danke im Voraus
    Andrea Blume

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