Our new server environment

edudip makes it possible for participants and teachers to share their knowledge all around the globe and the platform is for free! More and more people are excited about this idea and the customer accesses to our website is growing and growing. This is why the hardware behind our system wasn’t enough anymore. One webserver, one database and one fileserver couldn’t manage all the access. Additionally, we needed redundancy, i.e. servers that stand in for another server in the case of a server failure. To provide this and to manage the growing number of users, we added with the aid of the filoo GmbH a second webserver, database and fileserver.

There is a HA a full redundant loadbalancer inserted before the webservers that arranges for an equal load spreading to both servers and enables system stability so that the loadbalancer reallocates the whole load to the working server in the case of a system failure. The fileservers are also behind such a loadbalancer with the same effect. Additionally, the fileservers don’t access their own storage but write and read the whole data on the new HA NAS (Network Attached Storage). The NAS is a central storage which prepares all files that must be delivered if necessary.

Furthermore, there are two databases available that synchronize continuously. Instead of a master slave configuration, we have decided to set a master-master configuration, because we have many time-critical writing and reading accesses and a slave server could be too slow to answer website requests. The database requests are spread equally, too. So the half of all edudip users accesses the first database, the other half the second one. In case of a system failure, all requests are managed by the other server.

All components are connected by a backnet switch. This warrants a very fast communication between the servers. Additionally, we have additional backups of every system and component to make it all safer. So we are well prepared for all cases and we can offer you and all our customers a stable webinar platform.

1 thought on “Our new server environment”

  1. Schön zu sehen und freut mich, dass edudip in weniger als 2 Jahren so stark gewachsen ist, dass ein weiteres Server-System nötig wurde. Das zeigt doch, dass edudip eine ernst zu nehmende Konkurrenz zu zahlreichen Anbietern ist und eben so einfach zu bedienen ist, dass immer wieder neue Nutzer zu edudip finden.
    Und vielen Dank für diese wichtigen Infos, die bestätigen, dass edudip sich immer wieder auf den aktuellen Stand der Technik bringt.

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