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For both participants, as well as for trainers, registering on the platform is free and without obligation. For the registration simply use the menu item “Register”. Additionally you can register on the platform during the application for a webinar on detail pages of each event. Thus, you are registered for the event and can use your login data for all further visits on the platform.

The settings of the Adobe Flash Player have to be enabled for your microphone and camera in order to enter the virtual classroom. Please check the appropriate field.

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You will find more information about the features of the room here.

All publicly offered events can be found on the Marketplace. You can first select a subject area of interest for you to go to the chronological listing of online seminars in this section. Select categories and subcategories to find the right webinar for you. Use the search to find matching online seminars, videos and trainers. You can also write messages to trainers to request a repetition of past online seminars.

The Marketplace is the public sector, which is accessible for everyone. As a trainer you can place your webinars in the desired subject area to reach exactly your target audience that you would like to address. The Marketplace is visible to everyone and the published webinars and videos can be visited or bought in the case of chargeable events by any registered user on the platform.

To participate in a live online seminar on edudip all you need is a computer, a current browser with Flash plugin, an Internet connection (recommended is a DSL line with at least 6000 kbit/s) and speakers. We recommend the use of the internet browsers “Mozilla Firefox”. As a trainer or an active participant, you need a headset and a webcam. With edudip you don’t need to install additional software. For a smooth start, we recommend to make a System Check prior to the event to check your microphone, camera, Flash Player and bandwidth.

To attend a webinar for which you have been invited to first of all open the link in the invitation e-mail that leads you directly to the webinar. Afterwards please follow the instructions, “How do I register for a webinar?“.

On the webinar page you click on the “Participate” button or the “Book” button in case of a paid webinar. If the online seminar is offered on several dates, select your preferred date on the left side and simply book here. If you have not yet done this, please log in or register now. You will then see an overview of your desired online seminar. Here you select the desired payment method in case of a paid webinar and enter your billing address and your payment data. Check the information and confirm the terms and conditions. Now click on “Book free/Book with costs” to book this online seminar bindingly.

After you have successfully booked the webinar, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail, in which the link to the webinar is provided. In addition, you will be shown the link to the booked webinar afterwards. Click on it to go directly to the webinar. Once your booking has been confirmed by the online trainer, you can enter the virtual classroom by clicking on “Enter” on the detail page of the webinar.

Before entering the virtual classroom, you should remember to connect your headset or your speakers so you can listen to online trainer. We recommend that you undergo the System Check  before you enter the webinar.

A detailed, illustrated description of how to proceed when applying for a webinar can be found here.

In order to enter a booked webinar you can go to the webinar page either directly via the link in your confirmation email or in your email reminder. You can also find all your booked webinars in your account. Login to go to your personal start page. There you will find your next five booked online seminars, your watchlist, your scheduled webinars and your watched webinars. Go to the tab “My Courses” to view the whole list.

The organiser of a webinar decides whether a recording of the event is created. For participants in a webinar the associated recording is always free. For other users the trainer can determine a price. On the video marketplace you will find the complete selection of recordings, the newest are always at the top.

As a participant, you will find the option to watch the related video on the detail page of the webinar. If you are logged in, you will see the button “Watch the video”. By clicking on it you will be forwarded to the media box. On the right side all recordings of this event are listed with an option to play it. Once viewed, you will find the video on the Homepage  under “Watched videos”.

When it comes to videos free of charge every user can simply click “Watch the video” to access the media box. For paid recordings, you must first complete the payment process before you can press the button.

Note: Purchased videos are available online at any time. They are not sent to you by DVD or the like.

Go to the detail page of the webinar via the link in your confirmation email or via your start page. There you will find different tabs including the tab “Files”. This tab lists the files that the trainer provides for participants to download. With one click you can download the desired document

We need the trainers’ data to send them their invoices and transfer them their income.

Trainers do not have access to participants’ personal data. Only if you want that your e-mail address is not available for trainers, you have to set this in your settings under “privacy”.

How to block a user, read the following article. Moreover you can directly block a user with the link in the invitation e-mail to a webinar. In your settings under “notification” you can as well switch off to receive any e-mails.

If these settings do not help you, please contact our customer service.

Webinars from subscribed academies appear in your watchlist. By this, you neither miss an event nor have to visit a fan academy you are interested in to have an overview of your webinars.

24 hours before the start of a webinar on your watchlist you will be reminded of the webinar by email.

“Signor/a incognito” is automatically listed in the virtual classroom if you set your profile as “anonymous”. You can change this in your settings under “privacy”.

You can find the menu item “privacy” under your settings where you can flexibly set your visibility in the virtual classroom.

You can attend a webinar also without a webcam or a microphone. To communicate with the trainer or moderator and other participants you can easily use the chat.

The trainer is the invoice issuer towards the participant. The invoices are automatically generated by edudip and the trainer is set as sender. If the sales tax has to be mentioned in this bill is the trainer’s decision. This depends on the fact if the trainer is subject to taxation according to UStG or not.

You can refer participants to the system check. All necessary requirements are automatically tested there.

If the trainer does not set a registration deadline, participants can still register for the webinar until the end of the event. If a trainer sets a registration deadline it is valid throughout the webinar.

Bitte beachten Sie als Trainer, dass sich ohne Anmeldeschluss jederzeit noch ein Teilnehmer anmelden kann und Sie darauf vorbereitet sind, das Webinar zu halten.

The virtual classroom opens in a second window or a new tab. The classroom is in the background or in a second window so that you can switch between the classroom and the platform.

To log off from a chargeable webinar, click on “dashboard” when you are logged in at edudip.com. There you can find your scheduled, your booked and your bookmarked seminars. Choose the webinar you want to cancel and click on it.

In the following view, you find next to the details different square icons on the right side. Above the blue facebook icon, you can see an “X” to log off. When you click on the icon, you will be logged off from your booked webinar.

For paid webinars please contact our customer service, so that we can cancel the booking. The cancellation fee is 5 EUR net.

If you do not want to get a reminding email each time, go to your settings under “notifications”. There you can decide which reminder you want to receive via e-mail.

If it is a booked webinar, then go to the webinar page where you logged in for it. There you can also sign off.

Once a webinar is finished, you can also remove it from your start page by clicking the “X” behind the webinar title.

When you are on the page of your favorite webinar, click on the button “book” if it is a chargeable webinar or “participate” if it is a webinar for free. If you are logged in at edudip, you will directly come to the overall view, if not, you have to log in first. Then you have to fill in your payment data. After having confirmed the terms and conditions, you have to click on “book” or “participate”. You will be led to a thank you page from which you can go to your webinar. You will receive a booking confirmation as well via e-mail.

Yes, your booking of an event is binding.

You have to fill in your payment information when you book a webinar. The exact time when your account is debited depends on your chosen payment method.

After the booking process, you will see “Thank you for your booking”. You will get a confirmation e-mail as well.

The number of possible bookings is not restricted.

If you have booked several webinars at the same time, you are not informed about this by the platform operator. Therefore we recommend you to take care of all your appointments.

A function to watch videos on edudip without being registered and logged in is not planned. Through this function, the video would be available to everyone and therefore the risk that recordings can be published uncontrolled by any other person would be given.

However, you have the option to request your recorded webinar for download. After the conversion, you can download the video. You can then edit the video or provide it for participants who are not registered on edudip on your own.

You can switch this setting off when you click on the link “You do not want to receive any messages from this trainer anymore?” in the e-mail you have got from this trainer. Now the trainer is one of your blocked contacts.

If there are no registrations for your webinar, you can edit the duration of your webinar in the event managerunder “dates”.

If participants have already booked the webinar, you can ask us to extend the duration after all the participants have been informed by you. Please send us an e-mail to support@edudip.com so that we can extend your webinar.

Please have your PIN at hand before dialing in to the webinar. You can find it in the confirmation e-mail of the event and on the webinar page. After the respective announcement please type the PIN in using the telephone keypad. If the PIN is not recognized it could be possible that the touch tone dialing is not activated on your phone. In this case you should activate it on your (mobile) phone first. After successfully entering you will be redirected to the virtual classroom or you hear a waiting signal if the webinar has not yet begun.

Detailed instructions can be found here.

You can watch webinars on all devices with flash. Also smartphones/ tablets and iphones/ipads can display webinars. You simply need an app called “Puffin Browser” for both systems.

Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cloudmosa.puffinFree&hl=de
Appstore: https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/puffin-web-browser/id406239138?mt=8


You can also attend a webinar using your Ipad. But you need the Puffin Browser from the Appstore:https://blog.edudip.com/webinare-nun-auch-auf-dem-iphone-und-ipad/

If you offer paid webinars, your participants automatically have the options PayPal, credit card and direct debit (only available for giro accounts run in Germany). Your participants can select the desired option and continue with the booking.

Evaluate a webinarAfter you have taken part in a webinar, you have the possibility to evaluate this event. You have one week to do this, after that the possibility of evaluation ends. To evaluate a webinar, click on the bell on the left side of your name in the menu on top. There, an orange number shows you how many events you have not yet evaluated. You can give 1-6 stars for each event. Besides, you can comment on your rating to explain your evaluation. If you don’t want to evaluate a webinar, you have to click on “I don’t want to rate it”.

After pushing the evaluation button, your rating is saved and shown on the event page and in the teacher’s Academy.

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