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Organise a webinar

As an online trainer you can send invitations to potential participants. In the editing view of your webinar you go to the “Invite” button first to select the address source. There you can find, for example, former participants from past seminars and invite your Facebook contacts with the aid of a Facebook Application. Even long e-mail lists in the form of a CSV file can be uploaded quickly via the CSV import. In addition, individual contacts can quickly be entered them manually. When importing CSV files, you should make sure that the file is encoded in UTF-8, which automatically is the case with the most popular spreadsheet programs.

Note: The number of sent invitations is limited to 50 for free members, with a Premium package you can send up to 2.000 invitations per day.

Now that you have made ​​a selection from your contacts, you can “Edit invitation” to adjust the default text to your liking and save your own draft at any time. By clicking “Send” the invitations are sent to your selected contacts.

Note: All expressions in braces such as Eventtitle (the title of your webinar) are automatically generated by the system and should not be removed.

Pro members who concluded their contract until 19th Feb 2015  on edudip find a direct link to the corresponding online seminar on top of their event pages. With these links it is possible to participate in your online course without registration: Before entering the virtual seminar room the person only states his first and last name in order to be better identified in the virtual classroom.

Note: Please note that the direct link leads directly into the virtual classroom and the participants does not have to pay the set price for the event. He also does not benefit from other services of the platform such as an event reminder e-mail.

With several dates, you should make sure that the direct link is only valid for the current date or the current series of events.

With the screen sharing you can transfer your screen for your participants in the virtual classroom. If you activate the function by clicking on the screen icon, you can select the source of the transmission.

The edudip screen sharing for Mac users can be downloaded here.

After the download, open the folder “dist” and start the program by clicking on the program while keeping the CTRL button pressed and then click once to open it.

Open Screensharing

Please do not get confused by the appearing message “Screensharing” is from an unidentified developer. Are you sure you want to open it? You can trust the program and click “Open”.

Start Screensharing

As soon as you enter the webinar room, open the settings there. Look for the screen sharing tab, select “edudip screen sharing” and close your settings. You can now start the transmission by clicking on the screen sharing icon above the whiteboard.

You have two options to determine a co-moderator: First, you can select a person in the event manager of your webinar directly while setting up the webinar. He can enter the online seminar room before the start of the online seminar and has the same rights as the moderator from the beginning.

On the other hand, you can spontaneously appoint a participant as co-modeartor during the live online seminar. To do this, go to the participants list and click on the “crown” of the person. Your new co-host now appears in the upper right window right next to you.

Note: The recording of a webinar can be started only when the presenter is in the virtual classroom.

We handle the complete payment processing with your participants and pay your fee minus our commission directly to your account. The payout shall be completed seven days after the first date of your event at the earliest.

Webinars without registration of a participant can be deleted by you in the event manager of the webinar. Once a registration for the event is present, the webinar cannot be cancelled by you. In this case, please inform your participants about the cancellation of the date and additionally inform us about it by email at support@edudip.com. Please know that you violate our terms & conditions if you cancel the webinar without prior notice.

For the cancellation of paid webinars we will charge a cancellation fee which can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Would you like to specify who is allowed to attend your webinars and who does not? In the event manager of your webinars you can specify whether all participants are automatically confirmed or whether they should be manually checked and confirmed by you. The applications can then be confirmed in the participants list on the event page. Please note that the manual confirmation is only possible for free webinars.

On the detail page of each webinar you find the tab “Participants” next to the tab “Description”. Here you can see a list of all registered participants. With the edudip premium package, there is an icon to download a CSV file with information about email address, connection time and length of stay of each participant in the virtual classroom.

For the evaluation of the CSV files, we recommend our blogpost on this topic:

In the editing view of your online seminar, you can use different tools to promote your webinar under “Market”. Among other things, here you will get the link that leads directly to the page of your event. You can directly tweet the link via this option and post it on Facebook and Xing. You can also embed your events with your personal embed code as a box in your own website to display all of your scheduled seminars.

In addition, an integration of your edudip webinars on Facebook is available for you. Click on the button “Install App” and select the desired fan page where subsequently all next webinars will be displayed.

Note: The Facebook app can only be integrated into fan pages, not personal user accounts.

As a Plus or Pro member  you can record your live online seminars. To do this, open the event manager of your webinar. There you can select under “recording” whether you want to record your event and set a price for your videos, if desired.

RecordingAfter the webinar ends the button “Watch the video” will appear on the event page, which leads you to the associated video in the media box . No recording is published by you, the trainer, at this point so that the button is displayed only for you. In the media box you see a list of all created recordings on the right side. Take advantage of more features here and add a title or delete videos. To download a video, click the green arrow. If this arrow is not shown yet, click the gray arrow, whereupon an MP4 file is created. The conversion can take up to 48 hours and automatically adds a timeline to the video. After the conversion, you can find this function in the downloaded recording and in the media box . Once the video is available for download , you will be informed by e -mail. In the mediabox you can also select individual recordings to be publicly accessible. Only when you do this , the video can be seen by participants and other users.

Note: However, you only want your participants to watch the recording, but the video should not appear on the Video marketplace? After the event, set the publication of the webinar as “private” and only your participants have access to the video.

On each event page with an associated video the button “Watch the video” can be found after the publishing, which leads into the mediabox. Webinars are also marked with a video symbol in your academy to show users that a recording of the event exists.

To participate in a live online seminar on edudip all you need is a computer, a current browser with Flash plugin, an Internet connection (recommended is a DSL line with at least 6000 kbit/s) and speakers. We recommend the use of the internet browsers “Mozilla Firefox”. As a trainer or an active participant, you need a headset and a webcam. With edudip you don’t need to install additional software. For a smooth start, we recommend to make a System Check prior to the event to check your microphone, camera, Flash Player and bandwidth.

For offering online seminars you only need to register. Click on the top menu bar on the button “Create Seminar” and enter the basic information about your event. You will be led through further steps of settings from presentations to the invitations after saving the basic information. These settings can be opened and changed later on.

Create webinar

Note: Once a participant applies for your event, you can not change the date and not delete the event anymore.

How to cancel a webinar nevertheless, see “Delete/cancel a webinar.

As the organizer you want to be well prepared for your online seminar. We recommend you to test if your system runs properly in advance to the event. With our System Check you can do this easily. We recommend at least a 6000 k/bits DSL line for optimal connection to the virtual classroom. Before your first public webinar, you should also create a private event first and test the room and its functions extensively with friends.

If there are still difficulties, please contact our customer service team by email to support@edudip.com.

To put your webinar on the public Marketplace, select the release type “Marketplace and academy”. After an examination of edudip your event is enabled for the Marketplace.

Webinars will not be enabled if

  • they violate our Terms of Condition
  • if there are not at least 48 hours between identical webinars from a trainer
  • no event image is uploaded
  • the description is not sufficient
  • the seminar offer is not for a webinar that takes place in a virtual classroom on a platform operated by edudip
  • the accounting is realised without the edudip GmbH
  • a violation against of applicable law exists
  • the content and/or the description are offensive or inappropriate
  • the webinar has the purpose to sell/advertise something or is about MLM

Please note that prior to the Marketplace activation all external links will be checked. In addition, it is checked if the appropriate category is selected for your webinar. Categories can not be changed after the activation for the Marketplace.

Trainers on www.edudip.com or www.sofengo.de present themselves and their webinars in their own academy. In addition, they can place their events on the public Marketplace, where participants who are also registered on edudip or Sofengo can register for these webinars. Two different packages – edudip Basic and Pro – each contain different functionalities.

In contrast, a edudip business solution is accessed through a special domain, eg YourDomain.edudip.com. Users who are already registered on edudip or Sofengo can register with the same login information on your platform and then switch easily in their own menu between the platforms. The edudip business solution offers many possibilities to adapt to your needs such as the setting of a design. The structure of the platform is the same as on www.edudip.com, so that it is always on the cutting edge of technology.

For more information and references please visit http://business.edudip.com.

The prices for edudip business can be viewed here.

The registration on the platform is completely free. Moreover, we offer a premium membership, which provides additional functions for online trainers. Two different packages- basic and pro- include various  volume of functions. The costs for a webinar are determined by the trainer him or herself. If a participant of a seminar is acquired by the trainer, which is new registered at edudip or Sofengo over a affiliate link or a webinar link, the trainer will keep 95% of the whole earnings of webinar, also for webinars in the future. In order to cover costs for handling of payments and invoice we only keep 5 % of the earnings. If a participant for a course is acquired by us, the trainer will keep 70 % of the amount. The minimum provision per participant is however 0, 60 € Euro. Free users are not allowed to offer paid webinars.

A clear overview of our prices and additional functions you can find on our pricing page.

Prices for package bookings are specified on the Pricing page including tax. Charges are calculated in Euro. For each package booking the sum over the entire period is due at the beginning.

Our commission

If you want to offer paid webinars, we take over the entire payment processing for you. If you acquire a seminar participant who registers newly on edudip or Sofengo through your affiliate or webinar link, you keep 95% of all revenue, also for all future webinar revenues. To cover costs for payment processing and invoicing we will retain only 5%. If a participant is acquired through the platform for your webinar, you retain 70% of the booking amount. However, the minimum fee per participant is 0.60 EUR.

How can I cancel a booked package?

If you want to cancel a package, you can make this termination online. Click here to view the appropriate link under the package information to come to the notice page. The current package can be canceled up to 7 days before the maturity date. Monthly packages can be terminated on a monthly basis, years packages annually.

If you receive a rating from one participant that violates the Terms and Conditions, contains insults or is based on technical problems that were not caused by the trainer, you can click “Report evaluation” under the rating. The case will we checked by us and if necessary the rating will be deleted.

Note: You also have the opportunity to comment on your ratings.

To create multiple dates for a webinar go into the the settings of your webinar. There you can schedule more dates and repetiton dates or series of events in the tab “Dates”.

Would you like to add a date to the event series, for example, to divide the contents of the webinar topic into two parts? Then click on “Add date to the event series” and select the desired date and time for the appointment. If you want to offer your webinar at a different time with the same content, you create a repetition date or a new event series. Participants of your initial appointment are therefore not automatically registered for the new event series.

Event series infographic

Animated presentations can be used in the virtual classroom by edudip.pro users (with a contract concluded until 19th Feb 2015). Click on the field next to “convert animations” when you choose a file you want to upload in the event manager under “presentations”. The more animated slides your file contents, the longer the conversion takes.

The following animations are possible:

  • animations up to Microsoft 2007
  • one animation per text field or picture
  • content animations (no page transitions)
  • images as .jpg

Please note that animations will be played faster in the virtual classroom than the set standard speed. When your animation is set as “fast” in PowerPoint, choose “normal” in order to present the animation in the according speed.

You can find your uploaded documents when you open your webinar and go to your event manager. Under the item “files”, you will find all uploaded documents. You can decide if a document is active for your webinar and can be downloaded by your participants.

In the virtual classroom, you can find the activated documents with a folder icon in the right corner at the top of the page.

Yes, also OpenOffice files can be uploaded, exactly the following: *.odt, *.ods, *.odp.

Go into the event manager of your webinar. Under “presentations” you can see your uploaded documents. On the left side of each document’s name you can see an “X”. Click on this “X” to delete the document.

Also the ratings for private webinars are shown in the overall view of your ratings. To prevent this edudip pro members can change a certain setting in their profile.
To activate this setting, you have to click on your name in the upper menu. Click on “settings” and then on “privacy” on the left side. Remove the check mark at “Visibility of your received ratings at private seminars” at the bottom of the page so that future ratings for private webinars won’t be published on your page.

Our evaluation (comment included) is supposed to be open and honest, but also objective. If a comment or an evaluation that is not justified according to the trainer (e.g. because of insults or technical problems), you can report them and we will check the problem.

You cannot delete a rating yourself. You can report it and in justified reasons, the rating can be deleted by us.

You have this option at the bottom of the page of your privacy settings. If there is no checked mark, your ratings of private webinars will not be shown on your academy or the webinar page.

How to block a user, read the following article. Moreover you can directly block a user with the link in the invitation e-mail to a webinar. In your settings under “notification” you can as well switch off to receive any e-mails.

If these settings do not help you, please contact our customer service.

You can set a minimum number of participants for your free webinars. When participants register for a webinar, they are informed in their booking information that this webinar only takes place if the minimum number of participants is reached. As soon as the application deadline that was set by the trainer is reached, the participants receive an e-mail with the information whether the webinar takes place or not.

This option is not available for paid webinars because of the payment process which is directly initiated after the booking. If the minimum number of participants cannot be reached, all payments of the participants must be canceled and transferred back. In order to avoid these high expenditure, you can activate the minimum number of participants only in free webinars.

Additional materialYou have the possibility to upload documents like e.g. presentations. You can upload your files during the creation of a webinar when you click on the button “presentation” in the editing menu of your webinar. Choose the button “browse” to select a file on your PC. Files that are marked as “active” can be called up in the corresponding webinar. Additionally, you can set that your documents are downloadable. Like this, your participants have access to those files and can prepare and work over the webinar. Also after the creation of a webinar you can upload files: Click on “edit” on your webinar page so that you enter the editing menu of your webinar.

Currently supported formats are Microsoft Office documents (PowerPoint, Excel, Word), OpenOffice Document (Impress, Calc, Draw, Writer), Adobe PDF, images and graphics. Animated PowerPoint files up to Microsoft Office 2007 are supported with the Pro package (contract concluded until 19th Feb 2015). To use this function, activate the checkbox “Convert animations”.

If you no longer intend to use an uploaded file, it can be easily removed by pressing the ‘Delete’ cross at the end of the relevant line.

You can create paid seminars with a premium package. All information about the different packages can be found here or contact our customer service at support@edudip.com.

The lower list of participants is hidden. When you activate a participant by clicking on the “on”- button, he/ she appears in the lower list. There are only activated participants in this list.

Each participant has the possiblity to set his privacy in a way so that he and his name can’t be recognized at the registration or in a webinar. Especially in sensitive topics like “change the job” it might be better to stay anonymous.

With a premium package, you can still see the participant’s full name.

It is not necessary to use a camera to hold webinars. Instead of your webcam transmission, your profile photo will be displayed. You can switch off your connected camera as trainer when you enter the virtual classroom and click on the camera symbol on the left side (small, round icon). You can switch your camera on and off like this.

Whether an event can be recorded depends on the booked package. With the Pro package you can record all your webinars. As the moderator of course you have the possibility to download the video you created, unless the recording is longer than 5 hours. All it takes is a click on the gray arrow on the right in the mediabox and the the conversion of the video will start. As soon as it is available, the arrow turns green and you will receive an email with a link to the video.

The access for videos is not limited in time for the buyer. Paid videos cannot be deleted by the trainer.

Participants of an event series can watch all the videos of this serie. If you want participants of one event to watch the video of a second event, you have to set an event series or offer your video for free.

Buyers of paid recordings can choose which video they would like to buy. Registered participants can always watch the video, which is part of the date for which they were registered.

The disbursement of the video sales takes place from Monday to Friday.

When you play a video the loading process shows you how far the video has been loaded at your participants. This process depends on the quality of the participants’ internet connection. When you use the “synchronize”-function, the video will be played at the same time for all your participants.

You are not forced to use this function, if the waiting time (normally 2-3 seconds) increases dramatically because of one or two participants.

Videos from private webinars are not displayed in your academy. This setting is also referred to recordings of these webinars. Please check this setting in the event manager of your video under “privacy”.

Since April 2015 the newly created videos are automatically converted into the video format mp4. To convert older recordings of your webinars, call up the corresponding seminar and click on “watch video”. The Mediabox will open in an extra window. Look at the top right corner of this window. After each video you can find an arrow downward. If you click on this arrow, the conversion will be started.

The conversion lasts 2-3 days and after that, you can rewind and fast forward, pause and download your video.

Please note that videos that exceed a length of 5 hours can not be converted because of technical reasons.

Yes you can set a price for the recording of a webinar which was for free. You have to set the price in the event manager of your video.

If you offer a video for a private webinar, only participants that are in the list of participants can see the video. Also participants who got an invite link to the video can look it up, but all the others can see neither the video nor the webinar.

Commissions that were realized by the partner program or the webinar partner program are paid out when the worth has reached 50,00 €. The commission will be paid out at the end of a month.

The billing and payment of revenues from held webinars and videos are made on Monday to Friday. For webinars the payment takes place seven days after the first  date of the event at the earliest.

If you offer paid webinars, your participants automatically have the options PayPal, credit card and direct debit (only available for giro accounts run in Germany). Your participants can select the desired option and continue with the booking.

The trainer is the invoice issuer towards the participant. The invoices are automatically generated by edudip and the trainer is set as sender. If the sales tax has to be mentioned in this bill is the trainer’s decision. This depends on the fact if the trainer is subject to taxation according to UStG or not.

Your Academy is your personal page which you can use to introduce yourself. Give other users an overview of your past and planned webinars, your ratings, your field of activity and your learning content. Design your academy individually to attract the participants’ attention.

Academy layout
To design your Academy, just click on your Academy page in the right upper corner “Edit design settings”.

style_academy_002_gr-20150412You can specifiy a title for your Academy by typing some text in the field “Academy Title”. After saving, the name appears left-aligned at the top of your Academy.

Hint: You can keep this field empty and save some text for your Academy title in your background image. Then you can even design the text, e.g. with your favourite font.

style_academy_003_gr-20150412Under the umbrella term “Structure” you can edit the colors of the single page panels. You can change the background color of the whole page and the Academy. Additionally, you can set the color of the boxes in the Academy as well as the frames.

To change the color of an item, click on the color field. A window will appear and the current color will be shown in a white framed circle.

You can move the circle with your mouse to select the desired color. Next to the color field is a color bar with arrows at the right and the left side. If you move there arrow controllers, you can choose a color gamut (e.g. blue tones). Within the color area you select the color with the circle. Of course, you can also enter the color value (RGB, HSB or as hexadecimal code).style_academy_004_gr-20150412

And the umbrella term “Text”, you can set the colors for different text items. You can select different colors for headlines, links and the text within the boxes. How you select the colors is like in the fourth point.

Additionally to the color settings, you can also save a background image for your academy. Simply click “select file” and select an image you have saved on your computer. The image should be 990 px wide to fill the complete background of your academy. Smaller images will appear centered at the top of your academy. Bigger images will be cut.

Please mind that trainers also have to fill in their legal notice.

In order to delete a webinar, go to your edit mode of your webinar. There you can find the button “delete” on the left side.
Please note that future seminars cannot be deleted if a participant has already booked the webinar.

Past seminars can only be deleted if they were offered for free. As for paid, past webinars an invoice has been generated that is linked to the webinar, these webinars can not be deleted. If you would like these to not appear in your academy, you can set the publishing option to “private” in hindsight.

With a premium package you have the following option: Open the page of your webinars and then click on the tab ‘Participants’. There you have the possibility to contact all participants by clicking on the letter icon next to the date selection.

We are sorry but one webinar in different subject areas is unfortunately not possible.

Webinars are activated for the Marketplace from Monday to Friday. The activation can take up to 24 hours.

Participants can directly register after the creation of a webinar. The activation is not necessary if you send the link to others. When your webinar is activated, it is published on the Marketplace.

We are sorry but this is not possible at the moment. We plan to add this function later.

You can find your past webinars on your academy page.

You can see all participants in the list of participants which is behind the chat. All the participants that can be unlocked, have an “ON” button behind their names. Click on this button to enable one to talk. To switch off this function, simply click on this button again.

How many participants can I activate at the same time to use their microphone?

The activation of participants is technically not restricted so that the trainer sets the number of activated participants. We recommend not to activate too many participants because this can lead to disquietness because of background noise.

In the packages Free and Basic the system informs you if the time limit is reached and stays open for 5 minutes. With the Pro package, you are able to overrun the time limit without restrictions.

Yes, you can change the title in the settings of your academy. Please follow this tutorial for detailed information.

When a webinar is created, you can enter the classroom at any time and test the functions. As long as the webinar is not started, you are not visible for other participants. Please note, that if you record a webinar, the recording begins at the moment you start the webinar.

We advise you to create a test seminar before holding a webinar to try the functions of the virtual classroom. You only have to choose the option “private” under “release” in the event manager of your webinar. Now, only invited people have access to this webinar.

With a premium package the chat can be disabled or set on private. Especially in large webinars this setting avoids that participants are distracted by other participants’ messages. But furthermore questions appear for the moderators so that they can decide whether to answer them or not. The moderator’s messages in the chat are public to everyone so that important information can be shared with all participants.

The deactivation of the chat can be found under settings (gearwheel) in the virtual classroom.

When participants register for a webinar, they are informed in their booking information that this webinar only takes place if the minimum number of participants is reached.

As soon as the application deadline that was set by the trainer is reached, the participants receive an e-mail with the information whether the webinar takes place or not.

When at least one participant has registered for the webinar, you cannot change any settings concerning the date of this webinar. If you want to cancel or change a date, you have to inform all your participants about that. After the participant’s agreement, you have to inform edudip about the change via e-mail tosupport@edudip.com. You have to confirm that your participants have been informed then edudip will change your event.

You can add up to three co-moderators for one webinar.

You can select the program you want to share. Choose a program and minimize the window so that you can see the chat and your participants as well.

The use of a second screen is very convenient to share the content of the one and have an overview of the virtual classroom on the second screen.

In addition, you can display the chat messages as desktop notifications. Enable this feature in the settings of the virtual classroom on the “moderator” tab.

When you create a paid webinar, you can create discount coupons for paid webinars under “Information”. Creating coupons is only possible with the Pro package.

If you as a trainer want to cancel your own webinar, you first have to inform all the registered participants and then contact our support. After that, we cancel the bookings of your participantsfor a cancellation fee of 2,50 EUR net per participant.

A co-moderator has all the functions the moderator has. Please note that the moderator has to be present for records.

Outside the virtual classroom, the co-moderator cannot edit the webinar.

You have two possibilities to activate a co-moderator: You can directly name a co-moderator of your contacts when you are in the event manager of your webinar under “Information”. The co-moderator can enter the virtual classroom before the webinar starts and has right at the beginning the functions of a co-moderator.The other possibility is to give a participant spontaneously the right to be co-moderator during the webinar. Look at the list of participants and click on the “crown” of a person. Now your new co-moderator appears in the upper right window next to you.

On the other hand, you can spontaneously appoint a participant as co-modeartor during the live online seminar. To do this, go to the participants list and click on the “crown” of the person. Your new co-host now appears in the upper right window right next to you.

In general, we pay attention that the supply of webinars is balanced on the Marketplace. For this reason, webinars from the same trainer with the same theme are activated, if there are at least 48 hours between both events. Doing this, we avoid that too many webinars with the same content complicate the overview of the Marketplace for users.

This is only possible with the edudip.pro package and can be activated with a function in the webcam stream. Click on the icon with the four oppositely directed arrows.

Besides, you can set the quality of this screen in the settings of your virtual classroom under the register “moderator”.

In general, participants can only take part in webinars if they are registered.

With an edudip.pro packge (contract concluded until 19th Feb 2015), it is possible to particapte via direct link. The invited participants only have to fill in their firstname and lastname if the moderator has sent the according link.

Trainers can see their own private webinars on their dashboard or in their academy. Other users cannot see private webinars neither in your academy nor anywhere else. Other users can only reach a private webinar if they got an invite link to it. The same applies to videos and recordings.

Terms in curved brackets are automatically replaced by the matching expression. For example {firstname} is automatically replaced by the firstname of the receiver.

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