How to use Instagram for your webinars

How to use Instagram for your webinarsThe most important thing about a webinar is its content. The content should be understandable, interesting and vividly prepared to convince participants and impart knowledge. Nevertheless, it is also that “What the eye does not see, the heart does not grieve over.” Thus, proper marketing for your webinars plays an important role and often decides on participants explosion or yawning void.

While Facebook and Twitter have mainly been the leading social media channels so far, there have been some changes in the past year and today Instagram can be called the new star on the social media sky. For this reason, we want to introduce you to Instagram as a marketing opportunity for your webinars.

The number of users of Instagram ( are steadily increasing. With over 400 million users the free online service for sharing photos and videos has already overtaken Twitter. Even in Germany Instagram has now more than 9 million users¹. Instagram is designed exclusively for mobile use. Therefore, there is an app available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012 and offers a great opportunity for free and native advertising. On Instagram you mainly reach people aged between 18 – 35 years who are interested in visual content such as videos and photos. Each day, more than 60 million photos are shared on Instagram. Like on Twitter, mainly hashtags are used to label and find content. Instagram is the perfect social media channel for you if your webinar theme or business can be shown in pretty images.

Instagram Example

Before you start on Instagram, you first must be aware of some peculiarities of Instagram. Compared to Twitter or Facebook users may always only post their own content. There is no option for sharing or retweeting provided on Instagram. For this reason, your content spreads only through searching and your followers: Users can express that they like something by double-tapping on an image or video, or clicking on the heart icon. This can be seen by other users who follow you because the number of “likes” for a picture or video is shown below your content. Additionally, the activities tab shows who has recently tagged a picture or video with a “like”.

While the content that appears has previously been in chronological order, it is now sorted by relevance to the user. In this way photos that (most likely) match your preferences are displayed first.

Another difference to other social media channels is that you can not place links in the description of your posts, that lead to a website when clicking on it. Instagram is a closed circuit. The only link that leads to the outside, is the link that you can place in your profile. Of course, you can still use links in your description, but they must be entered manually in the browser by those interested.

But why Instagram?
You might be wondering now why you should use Instagram after all. The answer is quite simple. By placing your own topic-specific images and videos in combination with meaningful hashtags you can reach many people, who are interested in the topic. You present your topic and your offer to an audience and draw people’s attention to it. This can be compared with an advertisement in a magazine. The interaction options are very limited, however, you reach a wide audience and show presence.

To be as successful as possible on Instagram, there are some points to keep in mind. First of all, you should be authentic. Instagram users are used to real, high-quality images and can therefore rarely be sparked by sold images from image databases or advertisements. Therefore, use your own images and videos to convince prospective customers. Also important: Use hashtags. These are essential on Instagram (probably even more important than on Twitter). Through hashtags, people pay attention to you. When a user clicks on a hashtag in a post, he is taken to a new page, where all the posts that are marked with this hashtag, appear. For this reason, you can still use many hashtags (the maximum is 30), as long as they are meaningful.

You think Instagram is perfect for your webinars and your business, but you are not that used to dealing with a variety of social media channels yet? Then our Webinar Success Coach with step-by-step instructions for the main social media channels might be interesting for you. We hope to find you and your webinars on Instagram soon and look forward to new followers.

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